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About Us

Dominion Resource Center, Inc. is comprised of people from all walks of life. We are a group of diverse people who came together in order to fulfill the role of helping each other through philanthropic care services. While our actions may be small in a way, we believe that this is enough to instigate and inspire other people into doing the same for others. We want to be part of the driving force that will slowly but surely transform the world into a better place.

We come together to pay forward all the blessings that we have in this life by helping others who are less fortunate than ourselves. We want to paint smiles and brighten someone’s day by the services that we can do for them. Money can is good, but in order for all of these to happen, we need to act.

With that said, we are in great need of volunteers and monetary donations in order to achieve all our plans and goals that this organization has for the community. To send your donations, you can do so online by clicking our Donations tab. If you want to volunteer for a good cause, apply online by clicking the Volunteer tab. For questions and concerns, you may call us at 240-420-4900.


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Hagerstown MD 21740

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